Element- Air Filter 7044

Element- Air Filter 7044

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Kawasaki air filters fit your Kawasaki engine exactly, trap and hold damaging grit effectively, and protect your engine reliably for long-term productivity.

Constant-speed engines need a full flow of clean air to run effectively and protect engines from damage. Kawasaki air filters are designed by engineers using high-quality polyurethane, media and seals to meet OEM standards for dust-holding capacity. They are rigorously tested in harsh wet and dry conditions for grit ingestion, a primary cause of premature engine wear. And cooler engines run cleaner, with fewer harmful emissions, so everyone can breathe better.

Air Filter Benefits:

  • Tested in punishing conditions to ensure consistent performance year-round
  • Precision fit maintains original engine efficiency and performance
  • Higher dirt capture capability means less engine maintenance over time

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